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Saturday, July 3, 2010


Portrait of Jennie (William Dieterle)
3 Godfathers (John Ford)
Force of Evil (Abraham Polonsky)
Fort Apache (John Ford)
Germany Year Zero (Roberto Rossellini)
Good Sam (Leo McCarey)
Letter From an Unknown Woman (Max Ophüls)
Moonrise (Frank Borzage)
The Pirate (Vincente Minnelli)
Pitfall (Andre de Toth)
Raw Deal (Anthony Mann)
Red River (Howard Hawks)
The Red Shoes (Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger)
Springtime in a Small Town (Mu Fei)

Act of Violence (Fred Zinnemann)
The Amazing Mr. X (Bernard Vorhaus)
L'amour (Roberto Rossellini)
The Argyle Secrets (Cy Endfield)
Behind Locked Doors (Budd Boetticher)
Berlin Express (Jacques Tourneur)
The Big Clock (John Farrow)
The Boy with Green Hair (Joseph Losey)
Call Northside 777 (Henry Hathaway)
The Cat That Hated People (Tex Avery)
Cry of the City (Robert Siodmak)
Drunken Angel (Akira Kurosawa)
Easter Parade (Charles Walters)
A Foreign Affair (Billy Wilder)
A Hen in the Wind (Yasujiro Ozu)
He Walked by Night (Anthony Mann and Alfred L. Werker)
I, Jane Doe (John H. Auer)
Jungle Patrol (Joseph M. Newman)
Ladies of the Chorus (Phil Karlson)
The Last Stage (Wanda Jakubowska)
Lucky Ducky (Tex Avery)
Macbeth (Orson Welles)
Meditation on Violence (Maya Deren)
The Naked City (Jules Dassin)
Les parents terribles (Jean Cocteau)
Portrait of Jennie (William Dieterle)Rachel and the Stranger (Norman Foster)
Road House (Jean Negulesco)
Rope (Alfred Hitchcock)
Ruthless (Edgar G. Ulmer)
Secret Beyond the Door... (Fritz Lang)
Sleep, My Love (Douglas Sirk)
A Song is Born (Howard Hawks)*
State of the Union (Frank Capra)
La terra trema (Luchino Visconti)
Unfaithfully Yours (Preston Sturges)
Van Gogh (Alain Resnais)
The Velvet Touch (Jack Gage)
Wake of the Red Witch (Edward Ludwig)
The Walls of Jericho (John Stahl)
A Woman's Vengeance (Zoltan Korda)
Women of the Night (Kenji Mizoguchi)
Yellow Sky (William A. Wellman)

Anna Karenina (Julien Duvivier)
Black Bart (George Sherman)
Johnny Belinda (Jean Negulesco)
The Street with No Name (William Keighley)

* Review located offsite; author and review not affiliated with Unexamined Essentials in any way.

Germania anno zero / Germany Year Zero (Roberto Rossellini)

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