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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Les cartes vivantes / The Living Playing Cards (Georges Méliès)
The Cook in Trouble (Georges Méliès)
The Living Playing Cards (Georges Méliès)
Le voyage à travers l'impossible (Georges Méliès)
The Untamable Whiskers (Georges Méliès)

Barcelone - Park at Twilight (Segundo de Chomón)
The Bold Bank Robbery (Jack Frawley)
Buy Your Own Cherries (Robert W. Paul)
Capture of the 'Yegg' Bank Burglars (Edwin S. Porter)
European Rest Cure (Edwin S. Porter)
The Ex-Convict (Edwin S. Porter)
The Imperceptible Transmutations (Georges Méliès)
An Interesting Story (James Williamson)
Japanese Acrobats (Edwin S. Porter)
The Mermaid (Georges Méliès)
Panorama View, Street Car Motor Room (G.W. Bitzer)
The Suburbanite (Frank Marion and Wallace McCutcheon)
Tchin-Chao, the Chinese Conjuror (Georges Méliès)
The Terrible Turkish Executioner (Georges Méliès)
Westinghouse Works (G.W. Bitzer)
The Wonderful Living Fan (Georges Méliès)

Le voyage à travers l'impossible / An Impossible Voyage (Georges Méliès)

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