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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Site News You Can Use

In an effort to make unexamined/essentials more accessible and relevant - and to help attract more attention to our efforts in highlighting, you know, "good movies you should see," there are a number of developments, some already in the works, that will change the way the unexamined/essentials directory is used by cinephiles around the world. The site already has an extensive list of "must-see films," organized by year (from 1895 to 2011), but that alone has not been effective enough in connecting people with good film experiences. Sure, you can click on our directory page, then an individual year, see a title you might like to see, store it in your mind for future use... 

Or, you can enjoy the site more. Here are the changes that are in store for unexamined/essentials:
  1. Name change: unexamined/essentials will become TheFilmsaurus. We have purchased the dot-com domain name, and created a Twitter account, for "thefilmsaurus," a sorta-portmanteau of "film" and "thesaurus." This will be a slow change, so all of our valuable linking partners can get on board with it, and our traffic doesn't suffer.
  2. The Twitter account is already serving the social network community: if you @ thefilmsaurus with a film you like, you will get five films recommended in return.
  3. The 5-for-1 recommendation service will be embedded into this site as a form, if you aren't interested in Twitter or have no idea what I just said in (2).
  4. An increase in blog posts, other than reviews. Liven the joint up a little.
That's all for now. It's not a fundamental change, we still believe in highlighting underrated films that require more attention, as well as great films that everyone should see. That's our niche. We just want you to have more fun spending time here.

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