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Roll credits

(A) People who actively contributed to the site.

Jaime N. Christley - Curator

Dan Sallitt (Thanks for the Use of the Hall) - Contributing Writer

Noel Vera (Critic After Dark) - Contributor
Michal Oleszcyk (Last Seat on the Right) - Contributor
Michael Sicinski (The Academic Hack) - Contributor
Bilge Ebiri (NY-based filmmaker, writer) - Contributor
Jake Wilson (Australia-based writer) - Contributor

(B) People who had material online that we stole from (including but not limited to "ten best" lists):

- Dave Kehr
- Jonathan Rosenbaum
- Dan Sallitt
- Jaime N. Christley
- Andrew Sarris
- Armond White
- Michael Sicinski
- Eric P. Henderson
- Cahiers du cinéma staff
- other sources